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Kebnekaise, Summa Summarum


Well, the third day of my Kebnekaise trek I spent just for returning back to Nikkaluokta. As I told when I came to the fjällstation, it's possible to take a boat and save some sweaty kilometres. This time - I cheated and took the boat. It was a relief to notice that other people were looking pretty exhausted too, not just me! Arriving to Nikkaluokta was like finishing the goal line, it felt great!

Next time (?) if I ever return to Kebnekaise, I would do some things in a different way.

- I would take the boat ride both ways.
- I would sleep in the fjällstation.
- I would take more food for the summit day.
- I might take the chopper flight from the fjällstation to Nikkaluokta.
- I should practise a little before such an adventure.
- I might take another climbing buddy (Ivan can't carry me home)
- I would check my travel insurance in case of broken bones etc. (mine was ok)

... or just do it as I did this time!

P.S. The highest peak in Norway is Galdhopiggen (2469 m)