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Kilimanjaro, day 1

If you can't climb it - drink it!

 photo kili1_zps96ceec31.jpg

It was time to make one dream come true... or at least try! Mount Kilimanjaro (5895 metres) was waiting for conquering it's summit.

 photo kili5_zps206aae40.jpg

A drive through dusty bumpy roads from Arusha to Londorossi gate took about three hours. The vehicles were stylish fourwheel drives. My pedometer recorded 9200 bumps during the drive!

 photo kili2_zpsda0d8d0b.jpg

A big hassle around the gate. An African village was going to climb the mountain with us, more than 30 porters, guides, a cook etc. were supporting our 10-person team. Also two other teams were going to start their journey at the same time!

 photo kili3_zps318fa298.jpg

Checking in to the Kilimanjaro National Park.

 photo kili4_zps6bd9ba26.jpg

From the gate we took a short drive to the starting point of Lemosho route. We saw some black and white colobus monkeys!

 photo kili6_zps4eea0b68.jpg

At 1 pm. getting ready for a short (56 km) walk...

 photo kili7_zps26834595.jpg

 photo kili8_zps7df78011.jpg

Nice landscapes, forests, fields and hills - great weather!

 photo kili9_zps0c2cf88f.jpg

Porters are doing the most hardest job carrying tents, food, water, kitchen gears etc.

 photo kili10_zpscab5d076.jpg

 photo kili11_zps98dc06f5.jpg

 photo kili12_zps733346d1.jpg

Lunch break at 3 pm. Hand washing before food!

 photo kili13_zps87f8d8c1.jpg

The journey continued...

 photo kili14_zpscc20f4fa.jpg

Blue monkeys!

 photo kili15_zpsf2946478.jpg

18000 steps later we arrived at 6.30 pm. to the camp number one - Mti Mkumbwa, also called the big tree camp. Tents ready for tired trekkers.

 photo kili16_zpsa2f5e88c.jpg

Candle light dinner in the tent. It was time to crawl into the sleeping bag. Stars and the moon were shining on the sky, lots of Swahili babbling around the darkness... falling in sleep...

 photo kili17_zps650fb4d3.jpg