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Kilimanjaro, day 2

I woke up at 6.30 am. The night was warm (12°C) and I was sweating in my sleeping bag. After breakfast it was time to disassemble the camp and start the walk which should be an easy and short one.

 photo kili20_zpsae669346.jpg

Nice mossy forests...

 photo kili21_zps4df40d09.jpg

 photo kili22_zps8b86fdc0.jpg

 photo kili23_zpsa861ae93.jpg

 photo kili24_zpsd70a3417.jpg

Guides Ajubu and Protas.

 photo kili25_zps96b524e4.jpg

 photo kili26_zpsa51cee7c.jpg

 photo kili27_zps50e71f50.jpg

Lunch break.

 photo kili28_zps7b91fb9e.jpg

 photo kili29_zps9112e978.jpg

Sweating wearing a T-shirt and shorts!

 photo kili291_zpsd0c71d1d.jpg

 photo kili292_zpsadd99e67.jpg

After 18000 steps at 3.30 pm. we arrived to the camp number two, Shira camp 1 - 3500 metres above sea level. Resting, a short nap...

 photo kili293_zpse431fdeb.jpg

The camp toilet - I preferred going to the bushes or behind a rock!

 photo kili294_zps5485d4c1.jpg

One of the team members must have had the lousiest job in the world, he was the toilet man. His task was to keep the toilet working and to tell the truth, he had a lot to learn but during these eight days to come, he became more skilled!

 photo kili295_zpsad8a2172.jpg

Somewhere, over the clouds, the mountain was peeking.

 photo kili296_zps4cf98725.jpg

At 7 pm. it was already dark - time to get my beauty sleep. Stars and the moon, windy and a bit chilly weather, temperature close to zero degrees... Swahili babbling around the camp...