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Kilimanjaro, day 3

Wake up at 7 am. A nice cup of coffee in my tent, then hand wash and breakfast.

 photo kili30_zps52697130.jpg

Shira camp 1 left behind, heading to the new adventures...

 photo kili31_zps459887c6.jpg

Heading to Shira Peak (3880m) through a nice terrain.

 photo kili32_zpsb892a817.jpg

 photo kili33_zps8a9fbb7c.jpg

 photo kili34_zps83aefc16.jpg

When we arrived close to the Shira Peak, it started to rain. Then is started thundering and suddenly we were inside the thundering clouds and lightning. I got soaked. It was also very scary feeling to be in the clouds during the storm!

There should be a magnificent view down from Shira Peak but all we could see was clouds.

 photo kili35_zps94abd638.jpg

Later, it stopped raining. We were heading to the next camp.

 photo kili36_zps14205aff.jpg

 photo kili37_zpscce245f0.jpg

Let's hope we don't need a chopper evacuation!

 photo kili38_zps1838d719.jpg

 photo kili39_zps6886ed37.jpg

 photo kili391_zps43023ddb.jpg

14000 steps later we finally arrived to Shira camp 2. It was 3 pm. Raining again. The tent was leaking!

 photo kili392_zpsd572793b.jpg

Later, the sky cleared again. I was feeling okay. No headache or any other problems. Starting from the first day, I had taken AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) drugs to prevent any troubles. So far it had worked.

 photo kili393_zpsd0c117d2.jpg

Trying to get my trekking boots dry. Also trousers and one jacket wet. The rain surprised me badly! Managed to send an SMS back home.

In Africa, everything is relative... time, altitude, distance...