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Kilimanjaro, day 4

The fourth day! We were going to climb up to Lava Tower camp (4600m). This was an important visit to the higher altitude to get our bodies acclimatised for the summit attempt. The next overnight camp would be lower in Barranco.

 photo kili40_zps4052ea78.jpg

Bye bye Shira camp 2. Last night it was raining and thundering quite a lot. My tent was leaking from every corner and I had to dry a bucket full of water from the tent twice during the night. Luckily, the tent was set on so steep hill that water was pouring to the lower parts of the tent close to the door side. My air filled sleeping mattress was floating on the water and the sleeping bag was still mostly dry in the morning. I gave some feedback to the guys who mounted the tent...

 photo kili41_zps40453b01.jpg

Up they go!

 photo kili42_zps3229056f.jpg

Then it started to rain again. I just wonder how it is like when there is the rainy season - now it was the dry season!

 photo kili44_zps8d340963.jpg

Rest in peace Ian Mc Keever! He was killed by a lightning. Yesterday, when we climbed Shira Peak inside the thunder clouds, we thought it might be a bit dangerous...

 photo kili45_zps26e11383.jpg

 photo kili46_zps63bc95e9.jpg

Pole pole! That's a very common comment in Swahili and means slowly slowly. The higher altitude we go, the less there is oxygen and the shorter the steps will become. You can hardly take longer that 30 centimetre steps!

 photo kili47_zpsdf3d986e.jpg

Finally, 4600 metres above the sea level - Lava Tower.

 photo kili49_zps45c4ee8d.jpg

Me and the final destination on the background.

 photo kili48_zpsa71de668.jpg

Heading down after a delicious lunch.

 photo kili491_zps77bbafc5.jpg

 photo kili492_zpsd8da23f8.jpg

Amazing Senecio plants!

 photo kili493_zpsd7894b4e.jpg

Strange garden was like from another world.

 photo kili494_zpsa74cf227.jpg

Back down into the clouds again.

 photo kili495_zps5ce6e9fc.jpg

The summit was still about 1300 metres higher. Yet, it looked tempting!

 photo kili497_zps8b1885b5.jpg

At 5 pm. we arrived to Barranco camp. 16000 steps day.

 photo kili496_zps38534939.jpg

Let's hope it will not rain during the night although the tent was mounted better this time.

 photo kili498_zpsc4bdcb84.jpg