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Kilimanjaro, day 5

Woke up at 7 am. although we were going to start the climb up to the Kilimanjaro Base camp two hours later. 10-12 hours sleep is enough! At night it was raining again but the tent was almost dry this time.

Can you see the row of climbers on the mighty Barranco Wall?

 photo kili51_zps6da22558.jpg

At night I had an unpleasant episode with the camp toilet. I went there only to notice that there was toilet paper. I returned to my tent and took my own paper, returned to the place of facilitation... created a big pile and noticed that the toilet was not working - no water! Poor toilet guy, his first comment in the morning was "WOW!"

 photo kili50_zpse73300af.jpg

 photo kili52_zps5d874aea.jpg

Barranco Wall (400m) is probably the most scary part of the whole climb. It looks bad, but it's not so bad. The path is climbable and the speed is low because you have to follow the queue.

 photo kili54_zps1edab63e.jpg

Barranco camp down in the valley.

 photo kili55_zps972ed97e.jpg

Wet and slippery!

 photo kili56_zps41253804.jpg

Some real climbing...

 photo kili57_zpsaeb197ca.jpg

This view reminds me of the old Tarzan movies where porters always fell down with important gears and food packages in places like this! Unfortunately, at least one porter has fallen down and died here :(

 photo kili58_zpsb8e8c51e.jpg

Kiss the wall!

 photo kili59_zpsda76a37d.jpg

Unshaved for five days.

 photo kili591_zpsecf00754.jpg

After Barranco Wall we climbed down, up, down and up again until six hours later we arrived to Karanga camp. Only about 9000 steps but quite exhausting day. I needed some extra protein gels to survive this day. AMS drugs causing some tingling in my fingers. Despite of that, feeling good.

 photo kili592_zpsd3d65c94.jpg

My climbing buddy Ivan.

 photo kili593_zps96c18969.jpg

Delicious dinner.

 photo kili594_zpsafca769a.jpg

Karanga camp (4050m).

 photo kili595_zpse35c25bc.jpg

Mount Mawensi

 photo kili596_zps1304c2c6.jpg