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Kilimanjaro, day 6

Early morning at Karanga camp.

 photo kili60_zpsc986c7d0.jpg

The summit.

 photo kili61_zps2083c319.jpg

My shadow.

 photo kili62_zps5afa07fc.jpg

Today, we were climbing to the last camp before the summit attempt, Barafu camp or also called Kilimanjaro Base camp (4650m).

 photo kili64_zps35d0eeb3.jpg

Pole pole!

 photo kili65_zps5763e4a3.jpg

A world wide common (stupid) habit, making stone marks.

 photo kili66_zps0a5e3058.jpg

This was a relatively easy part of the climb, although steps were shorter and shorter...

 photo kili67_zps03eb83d2.jpg

Snack time!

 photo kili68_zpsa13c9bdc.jpg

The camp already visible on the top of the hill!

 photo kili69_zps5f54dfee.jpg

Woohoo! Four hours later we arrived to Barafu camp.

 photo kili690_zps8041fd2f.jpg

Oh well, that is almost cool!

 photo kili691_zps248f3827.jpg

At 2 pm. we had lunch at the camp. The sun was shining and the tent was hot like a Finnish sauna! It was time to rest. Some muscle pain in my legs. Dinner at 5.30 pm and time to sleep until midnight. The summit attempt would start around 0.30 am. A bit excited... still able to sleep like a baby!

 photo kili692_zps18a29315.jpg

Mount Mawensi, I could see it inside my tent.

 photo kili693_zpsff14b2d5.jpg

Next day will be the day...