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DPRK, day 2

 photo kuva34_zpsc13f0311.jpg

Lucy Liu and the lad, our beloved guides tried to give us useful hints how to behave in this interesting country. We had heard something about having proper clothes when visiting certain places and rules of taking photos were also updated. So, we were not supposed to take photos from the bus, not taking photos of people without asking and some special places (as usual) but till the end we were usually asked to take our cameras with us and shoot photos! I could have taken some nice landscape photos in the countryside because it was really beautiful there. Rice fields, corn fields, people working in the fields, mountains... nothing to be ashamed of!

So, we were going to visit places with our guides and the bus driver. We would not go anywhere on our own. The schedule was so full of program all days that there was really no need to go anywhere after we arrived to the hotel. It was so late that it was already dark and I didn't see any places where I wanted to go alone late in the evening in the darkness. Jet lag (6 hours difference) also took some efforts.

At first we went to a park near Mansudae Grand Monument. Our guide asked if we wanted to buy flowers! We didn't. Well, it was the first fail... we should have bought the bucket of flowers and honour the great leaders' statue where we were heading next. An embarrassing misunderstanding though I thought I might have given the flowers to our pretty tour guide. She didn't express the meaning of having flowers clear enough.

 photo kuva20_zps0a0a4ae2.jpg  photo kuva25_zps5e9347b5.jpg

Without flowers, we ended up to the huge Mansudae Grand Monument. Our guide told us that we can honour the great leaders on our national way but we did it the local way. We walked in a row close to the statue and bent shortly.

 photo kuva24_zpsfdc1e461.jpg

Locals were wearing their best clothes, men had black suits and ties, many women had national dresses! Locals really appreciate their deceased leaders. Lots of flowers were left to the statue.

 photo kuva21_zpscba4d653.jpg

More heroes!

 photo kuva22_zps7fe4bd86.jpg

 photo kuva23_zps56d9d71b.jpg

It was time to leave the capital city and take a two hours bus drive to Nampho city and visit the great Nampho dam. It's built to prevent the sea water rising up and flooding during the high tide.

 photo kuva26_zpsac58720e.jpg

The national dressed lady showing the secrets of this huge structure.

 photo kuva27_zps1cea8d06.jpg

 photo kuva28_zpsfda2ac76.jpg

Next destination was Sariwon city. A long drive by bus via empty roads through nice landscapes. Really, there was no cars although the road was partly three lanes wide - to the both directions! The lack of fuel and cars due to the economical restrictions set by imperialist countries cause this odd scenery. Part of the road was recently covered by new tarmac, partly it was old and bumpy. We had lunch at Sariwon 3.8 Hotel. Again, only four Finns - no other customers.

 photo kuva29_zpsb459ed3b.jpg

Old Buddhist Monastery was the next place where we visited in Sariwon. We saw only one monk at Songbul Temple.

 photo kuva30_zpsa57e6a50.jpg

 photo kuva31_zps0c504c9e.jpg

 photo kuva32_zps139247f6.jpg

Back to Pyongyang again. The childhood home of Kim Il Sung seemed like (excuse me) fake to me.

 photo kuva35_zps4b8e6494.jpg

 photo kuva33_zps7c9674e2.jpg

The last place for this day was Pyongyang subway! It's built really deep under the surface, more than 100 metres. There are two crossing lines and not so many people if compared to other capital cities but anyway, it's working!

 photo kuva36_zps269c4aa0.jpg

Look, no graffiti!

 photo kuva37_zps556cf91b.jpg

 photo kuva38_zps3e5e7c00.jpg

We took a short trip between two stations.

 photo kuva41_zpsba400a53.jpg

 photo kuva39_zps494f487a.jpg

Around 7 pm. we were back at the hotel Yanggakdo, it was becoming dark... after dinner and some beers at the lobby bar, it was time to go bed.

 photo kuva40_zps1526fda4.jpg

to be continued...



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Oct. 22nd, 2013 10:16 am (UTC)
great photos (again)
Everything there looks very neat and proper
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