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Pyongyang, day 3 in DPRK

The third day was scheduled as a city tour day. Pyongyang is the capital city of DPRK. There should be about 2.5 million people in this city. Difficult to imagine because the streets are mostly empty - there are not many cars. People are walking or riding a bicycle. Some trams and trolleybuses... not so many.

At first we visited the great library. It's situated next to Kim Il Sung Square and of course a huge statue of the great leader welcomed us and we bowed again...

 photo kuva51_zps67e973e0.jpg

In the library, people were studying foreign languages (English this time) in a studio which reminded me of the one I used when I was at school.

 photo kuva54_zpse86c1695.jpg

It was great to find something Finnish from the library, for example music (Sibelius)

 photo kuva53_zps825e7696.jpg

Also some handy scientific books written in Finland were available (Forest research 1973)

 photo kuva52_zps9fc4d548.jpg

The view from the top floor balcony toward Kim Il Sung Square...

 photo kuva55_zpsdaee3fdb.jpg

...and the library seen from the square.

 photo kuva56_zps25dcb9ce.jpg

Some buildings around the square. Art and Military Museums if I'm not wrong.

 photo kuva60_zps8019570c.jpg

 photo kuva61_zps1c4d247b.jpg


 photo kuva57_zps682e6cff.jpg

Local transportation.

 photo kuva58_zps9c623c20.jpg

Traffic jam? Not here!

 photo kuva59_zps4d07c39c.jpg

Juche tower and kids rowing on Taedong River.

 photo kuva62_zps67a38e36.jpg

The old bell and Juche Tower.

 photo kuva64_zps4eb95ddd.jpg  photo kuva63_zpse7090998.jpg

The guide at Juche Tower

 photo kuva65_zps26b29ace.jpg

People who learnt Juche ideology have their badges on the tower wall, quite many from Finland!

 photo kuva66_zps77f4712a.jpg

Views from the tower.

 photo kuva68_zps0991990b.jpg

 photo kuva67_zps9b6df85b.jpg

Tourists... sigh!

 photo kuva77_zps9b8a438a.jpg

The monument of Korean Worker's Party.

 photo kuva69_zpsca884934.jpg

The guide at the monument - nice dress!

 photo kuva70_zps67f4f1f8.jpg


 photo kuva72_zps8f928ce0.jpg

 photo kuva71_zps1c96a4aa.jpg

 photo kuva73_zps7a59cc13.jpg

Nice graffiti!

 photo kuva74_zps571f414e.jpg

to be continued...



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Oct. 19th, 2013 11:09 am (UTC)
Too square for my own taste..
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