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Demilitarized zone and the Korean border

 photo dmz1_zps2ff6c5ab.jpg

Close to the Kaesong city, we visited one of the world's most guarded border zone - the border line of North Korea and South Korea. This must be one of the very few country borders where you are told to take you camera with you and take as many photos as you like! Also, I was surprised because I didn't see much war material anywhere! Oh boy... if you have ever visited Russian border close to Finland - compared to it this was like walking in the Central Park of NYC! Well, I bought(!) an official Korean map from the international book shop in Pyongyang and there is no border line at all. Only one reunited Korea.

Map of the demilitarized zone.

 photo dmz2_zpsb7df2815.jpg

This looks more like what I imagined (photos from the hall in the military demarcation line).

 photo dmz4_zps74647981.jpg

The armistice agreement was written in this building. Original tables and a copy of the armistice agreement are still there.

 photo dmz3_zps3622c701.jpg

Signing the peace in July 27, 1953.

 photo dmz6_zps166b3534.jpg

This is what the border looks seen from North Korea.

 photo dmz8_zps908e0cb9.jpg

The border itself is a low concrete wall between those blue buildings. Half of the buildings are in North Korea and the other half in South Korea. I was thinking what would happen if I run to the southern side. Lucky me, I didn't try. For example in 1984 a Soviet tourist tried that - four soldiers died and two wounded when soldiers started shooting (obviously the tourist didn't get hurt).

 photo dmz9_zpsf8a811ae.jpg

Kaesong industrial area on the horizon.

 photo dmz11_zpsd69f55a5.jpg

Southern side.

 photo dmz10_zps6ef72fdd.jpg

Yeah, this brave North Korean soldier volunteered to be in the photo with our group!

 photo dmz7_zpsb3c65ced.jpg



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Oct. 22nd, 2013 10:41 am (UTC)
And I have hoped for some James Bond like stories at the border!
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