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Kaesong, North Korea

Rush hour at Kaesong city...

 photo kaesong1_zps40203015.jpg

Kaesong city looks nice. It's surrounded by beautiful mountains and countryside.

 photo kaesong2_zps1aaaf0f1.jpg

 photo kaesong4_zps71315f04.jpg

Something historic had happened on this small bridge long ago. Sonjuk bridge was built in 1290!

 photo kaesong3_zpsa3f7d716.jpg

Our charming guide "Lucy Liu" showing the map of historic events at Koryo Museum.

 photo kaesong7_zpsb963fb79.jpg

In the garden of Koryo Museum there are ancient trees which give you special healing forces when you hug them...

 photo kaesong5_zps16774348.jpg  photo kaesong6_zps3844de1c.jpg

 photo kaesong8_zpsd458c91a.jpg

This chart is showing the price of a cow, woman, man, child... looks like cows are/were expensive compared to humans. I assume this price list is not in use any more!

 photo kaesong20_zps7ad75cc4.jpg

Probably the most interesting thing (for me) in the Koryo Museum was the replica of a Koryo Dynasty King's tomb.

 photo kaesong10_zpsd2d5dfc1.jpg

Last but not least in Kaesong before returning back to Pyongyang again, was a traditional Korean dinner!

 photo kaesong11_zpsd597d987.jpg

That was all for me, no sharing!



Oct. 26th, 2013 11:49 am (UTC)
It seems like women are more expensive than men.