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Digiscoping the super moon

 photo SUPERMOON640_zps8fec9a99.jpg


At Seitseminen again

One spring day in Seitseminen National Park... my friend was playing with his new video camera and digital voice recorder.

Night photo session

During the Easter weekend, I visited the island cottage again. I was prepared to stay there overnight or even longer if I could get the cottage warm enough. I walked to the island on ice using snow shoes and pulling a sled behind me (forgot huskies at home!). It took maybe 1.5 hours and it was quite tough job. Nothing was changed since my previous visit. Still a lot of snow everywhere! Inside the cottage was -3°C at first but the stove heated the cabin soon. A nice surprise was, that the smoke went out through the chimney this time!

At some point of the night I decided to go out and check if there were northern lights. The forecast was quite good!

 photo light21_zps7869e483.jpg
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Birdwatching in Africa

Some bird pics from the Kilimanjaro climb and safari tours in Tanzania and Kenia. I'm going to add the names of species later so that anybody who is interested in can feel the joy of naming the birds themselves!

 photo tipi26_zps6608ecaa.jpg
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The first visit

It was such a nice weather! The sun was shining all weekend. At night it was -20°C but the sun heated the air during the daytime - which is almost 12 hours already! I have bought snowshoes. I though they could be handy when walking on the ice to the cottage island. They were!

 photo kuva1_zps6d5c47f6.jpg
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Northern Lights in Southern Finland!

Today was the first night (as far as I know) when northern lights were flaming on the sky and visible as far as southern Finland during this winter season! These photos were shot on my backyard in Tampere city centre.

 photo LIGHT9_zps9cf575b9.jpg
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Amboseli National Park, Kenia

Some elephant photos from Amboseli...

 photo norsu1_zps7c3efae4.jpg
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Ivan went to Kenia

 photo ivankenia_zps02ba3a6e.jpg


Ngorongoro National Park, Tanzania

Some photos from the safari to Ngorongoro National Park

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Kilimanjaro, day 8

The last day of Kilimanjaro adventure.

 photo KILI80_zps5cae36a4.jpg
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Kilimanjaro, day 7

Ready for the summit attempt!

 photo kilisummit1_zps9184308e.jpg photo kilisummit2_zps311e5317.jpg
 photo kilisummit3_zpse42614e4.jpg photo kilisummit4_zps8dbfd3ee.jpg
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Kilimanjaro, day 6

Early morning at Karanga camp.

 photo kili60_zpsc986c7d0.jpg
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Kilimanjaro, day 5

Woke up at 7 am. although we were going to start the climb up to the Kilimanjaro Base camp two hours later. 10-12 hours sleep is enough! At night it was raining again but the tent was almost dry this time.

Can you see the row of climbers on the mighty Barranco Wall?

 photo kili51_zps6da22558.jpg
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Kilimanjaro, day 4

The fourth day! We were going to climb up to Lava Tower camp (4600m). This was an important visit to the higher altitude to get our bodies acclimatised for the summit attempt. The next overnight camp would be lower in Barranco.

 photo kili40_zps4052ea78.jpg
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Kilimanjaro, day 3

Wake up at 7 am. A nice cup of coffee in my tent, then hand wash and breakfast.

 photo kili30_zps52697130.jpg
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Kilimanjaro, day 2

I woke up at 6.30 am. The night was warm (12°C) and I was sweating in my sleeping bag. After breakfast it was time to disassemble the camp and start the walk which should be an easy and short one.

 photo kili20_zpsae669346.jpg
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Kilimanjaro, day 1

If you can't climb it - drink it!

 photo kili1_zps96ceec31.jpg
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