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El Alamein


El Alamein, the battlefield of the Second World War. An insignificant part of desert in the middle of nowhere. The place where Rommel and Montgomery led their troops against each other. The place is situated about 100 kilometres west from Alexandria.

the museum and cemeteries...Collapse )

In Helsinki


If you really thought that I went to Molly's Irish Pub yesterday, you were wrong. I might have gone but no, I went HERE.

Angels, vultures and squirrels

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"When it's my time to pass away, let vultures eat my body!" As far as I know I'm not dying yet but inevitable that day comes sooner or later, so for you it's good to know my last wish. No any waste of coffins, flowers, tears or tombs. And as a birdwatcher I find it a really cool way of farewells! Unfortunately vultures are very rare in Finland and if you can't find any predators (bears will do too), maybe such a cute little iron vulture on top of my tombstone could replace my wish. Authorities in Finland might also be reluctant with the first wish.

Today I walked in the cemetery reading tombstones - no, looking for squirrels. I had some nuts in my pocket in case of any squirrel happened to be there. After I had eaten all nuts myself I saw one little squirrel running fast away. Well, it had a cone and it probably didn't care if I had any nuts left. While looking for some birds (vultures, hahaha) and squirrels I found some angels instead.