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The lake

It's time to start feeding birds. I took some grease bars and rowed to the island. The weather was quite chilly, -5 degrees and windy. The lake is already half frozen. Straits, bays and shores are covered with ice. This autumn has been colder than last year. I was still rowing here on Christmas Eve 2008. Now it looks like the lake will be fully frozen much earlier.


Autumn colours

I went to the summer cottage island and fixed the place ready for the coming winter time. Mörkö made its last cruise during this season, crawled on the dry land, went under a blanket and started hibernating. The whole place was so peaceful and quit. Cold wind blew yellow, brown and red leaves around. Small puddles were already frozen.

I may return to the island by rowboat or walk on the ice. I didn't put seeds yet into the bird feeder, I think my little friends can find food as long as it's not snowing.

I'm not an autumn person. It makes me sad. My sadness doubled when I found a dead weasel in a water bucket. A dead mole was floating there too. I assume the mole went into the bucket first and the weasel followed it. Unfortunately, they could not come out from the bucket. I'm sad for the mole too. I hope it was not the one who stored seeds under my pillow last autumn - after all, it's Ivan's cousin. I haven't told this to Ivan yet. I think I will keep the secret. :(

PhotobucketBy the request of certain girls from abroad, some autumn colour pictures under LJ cut...Collapse )

The plane


If I had a plane I could reach the island in less than one hour...


Sep. 5th, 2009


Last weekend I visited the cottage island. I hadn't been there for a while and what I realised was that autumn is really here.
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My very first fox photo ever....if I only had been 500 metres closer, that would have been a picture of my life!



Three ladies (One day in a dog's life)

Pirates, the Captain and Ivan the Navigator hijacked some ladies and sailed forward... 


the booty...Collapse )



At first when I saw this slimy creature crawling in my summer kitchen, I thought it was a snake but when I looked at it closer, I realised it was the biggest (15 cm) slug I've ever seen!

Summer pics

Some photos from the previous week and summer holidays...


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Pirates of the Lake 2

Mörkö the Sailboat!


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One day as a farmer


I was spending my well earned summer holidays in the island and was prepared for the daily routines like lying in the hammock reading a good book and drinking beer when I received a phone call. I was asked for help. The farmer in the mainland knew I was in the cottage doing nothing and assumed I would gladly use one of my summer holidays doing farm jobs. Err, why not...
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Pirates of the Lake

Mörkö is a sailboat for now on. Horrible, merciless, furious etc. etc. pirates sail around these lakes hunting for treasures and pretty helpless ladies (under 48-years old) and female rodents (anything smaller than a rat will do). Beware if you are around these waters and see the black pirate ship coming closer...

P.S. Pictures will be posted when we return to the civilized world next week!

Heat wave


What the heck am I doing here in the city? The sun shines, the temperature is close to 30 degrees... I need a summer holiday!

I think nine days will do...

*Off to the island he goes*


The island season has began...


One of the last jobs I did last autumn was to dig some flower bulbs in the ground. I wished to see some flowers next spring. My narcissuses were a success story. 30 bulbs and 29 flowers! Obviously, voles don't like the taste of narcissuses. Unfortunate, they love crocuses. 25 bulbs and zero flowers :(
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Last snowy pics...

...at least I hope so. Pawprints of Lynx, an empty Osprey's nest waiting its inhabitants, Crane's footprint, a newly broken old tree...

The first stay


Easter holidays in the island turned to be colder and snowier than I thought. My intention was to stay over night and this was the first time since Christmas Eve when I had to abandon the cottage. I was somewhat worried because last spring the chimney didn't work as it should. This time I didn't have any trouble. The stove heated the cabin and the place felt cosy.
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Seven mouse bros


We had Easter holidays and I decided to open my summer cottage season. The weather forecast was perfect, sunny days and +15 degrees of Celsius. As always, the forecast was a joke and the sky was cloudy. The highest temperature was probably +5 degrees. Anyway, I had a plan to heat the cottage and stay there for three days. Maybe I'll tell more about the rest of the visit later. Now I wanted to show you some pictures - mouse pictures!

At this point, I had armed my Egyptian mousetrap because I knew there was an uninvited visitor scratching inside the wall structures. I went to bed and slept less than an hour. A horrible BANG woke me up, the trap had worked. I searched my pocket light and found a mouse inside the trap! Finally I got it! I dressed up and walked with my catch to the old forest and released him.

mice...Collapse )

Got ya again and again...

PHEW, I just catched and released the mouse number four! I have so many mice here that I could prepare mouse stew when I make my lunch.

Err got ya again...

HAAHAA, my Egyptian mousetrap worked again. I catched another mouse!

Got ya!

BUAHAHHAHHAH... My Egyptian mousetrap worked! I catched the mouse!